MakerDAO: Potential Collateralization types available

Freight Trust
2 min readJan 29, 2021


Brief summary of the two types of collateral that can be financed and collateralized under the MakerDAO platform. Read the PreMIP via the MakerDAO Forums


Two types of currently implemented tokenization procedures exist within the AS2/Freight Trust platform:

- Customs Broker Agreement

- Warehousing Non Negotiable Warehouse Receipt

Our primary objective is the financing of tariff duties and imports/exports. CPB and Canadian customs integration is completed (October 2020).

Overview of the Customs Process

All lent funds are secured by the underlying document, which is transmitted to Customs through either Freight Trust or a 3rd party provider.

The process of ‘liquidation’, what CBP calls removing the liability against imported cargo, can last up to 11 months and 29 days. That is to say that tariff’s paid are really just a deposit: you may end up owing more than your calculated tariff depending on CBP’s assessment.

Customs Transactions Flow

Reference: AS2NG Messaging and Authentication UML

Authentication and Authorization

Message Handling

Messages passing back and forth via AS2