Governance & Staking


This post details the current proposal and community governance regime, specifically the vanilla staking proposal, RFC-#18.

We are working on changing the existing process to benefit and help facilitate a more distributed governance process than currently exists.

How the current RFC System Works

After a draft is submitted, there is a Deliberation Period, where community input is taken and any changes can be made. Then a voting period is set, in which community members may vote on the issue. Depending on the vote and/or original submitter it can be accepted, rejected, deferred, or withdrawn.

Staking Proposal and Timeline

From the original post

Staking rewards payout in $EDI

40,000,000 EDI Tokens are to be allocated to this staking_cycle

Staking Pools can be thought of as a delegated pool: Network Operators must form a pool in order to provide services. Some Network Operators may not have enough $EDI tokens in order to be able to do so. Others may have enough but also want to provide liquidity to the market. This system enables Network Operators the flexibility of both

The minimum to stake is 200,000 EDI Tokens.

Staking will involve providing your tokens into a liquidity contract so that liquidity “mining” can be done, making the asset productive.

Fees generated and distributed from this process are beyond the scope of this RFC -- That will be handled in the previous RFC, RFC-Adversarial_Pools.

Unstaking period will be 25 hours.

Payouts occur bi-weekly (every two weeks, 14 days)

An Epoch is 227 days.

What are you voting on?

Voting yes means that you want to be able to earn $EDI for staking your $EDI

Voting no means that you have some other reason why you don't want this specific vote to pass, (e.g. you would like to have all the additional staking protocol information, etc).

Roadmap to layer0 staking incentive protocol

Additional information can be found via



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