Governance and Roadmap update

Snapshot Voting

Snapshot has had an overhaul with how they process new projects. Our space has finally been setup:

Community Governance

We will be using a mailing list format for discussions. See below the google group to join. This will make it easier for managing topics and discussions as people do not have to go out of their way to some forums, etc.

Google Group:

GitHub Repo:

Snapshot Voting

For the duration of the next 4–6 weeks, we will allow any account that holds EDI to participate in the governance process. You may also suggestion proposals through this interface.

The first voting concerns the issue with last staking periods payments, read more here:

AS2/EDINT Protocol

We are finalizing the contracts over the next two weeks, you can see the GitHub repo here:

More details once we have finalized things with a potential partner.



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