Exploiting and profiting made easy

MetaMask is by far the worst service to use for trading. In this article we will go step by step to show you how not only are you being taken for a sucker, but how they place their commercial success above end user safety, and…

Given enough liquidity (assuming frequent transactions) GasEVO has a way to compute the exchange rate towards the base instrument (ETH). Like this, movements of the bigger or significant volumes can be interpreted as market trends (i.e. higher gwei pricing.)

EVO Contracts work for almost any ERC20 asset. GasEVO is the reference implementation of the protocol specification. Think of it as a generalized “add-on”, much like how Liquidity Provider tokens are minted for exchanges (e.g. Curve, Uniswap, etc).

By utilizing volume movements and disincentivizing the larger (bulge bracket) ones…

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